Changes to The Extra series!

I’ve made some changes to The Extra series!

Now that the series is sixteen books long (and a prequel, and an alternate history, and three box sets, oh my), it was getting intimidating for new readers to begin. Probably that happened a while ago, let’s be honest, but I didn’t know what to do about it until a solution presented itself.

The series has now been broken up into four separate series, all still contained in the same world, known as the Gabbyverse. I’d been using that term internally for a while, but now it’s the official umbrella term for the books that used to be The Extra series.

If you’re a person who was too intimidated to start, or who wasn’t wild about The Extra but might want to try some of the different books in the world, this is for you! You can now start with any of the first in series: Su-Lin’s Super Awesome Casual Dating Plan, Beauty and the Bassist, or Ex on the Beach.

Check out the full breakdown on my romantic comedy page.