Romantic Comedy

The Extra, Beauty and the Bassist, Chasing Prince Charming, and Ex on the Beach are all adult romantic comedy series set in the Gabbyverse. You can start with any of the series, so read whichever one catches your eye!

The Extra series

Soap opera extra Gabby Mays, her actress roommate Anna-Marie, and her troubled cellist brother will make you laugh, cry, and fall in love in this complete romantic comedy series.

The Beauty and the Bassist series

From the stage of a rock concert to the floor of a ballroom dance competition, the Beauty and the Bassist series has love, laughter, and all the feels.

The Chasing Prince Charming series

Following a group of friends in the tumultuous world of reality TV and online content creation, the Chasing Prince Charming series will have you falling in love and laughing out loud.

The Ex on the Beach series

In the tumultuous world of A-list celebrities, dodge paparazzi and shine for the spotlight as you fall in love with Kim and Blake, Ty and Ivy, and Axel and Shay.


A standalone young adult curvy girl summer camp romance. This is the cleanest of all my romances, with a heat level of zero.