What I’ve Been Doing With My Life

Clearly it’s not posting here, right? I think I’m going through a phase. It’s a stay-home, be-reclusive sort of phase. It’ll pass.

So what am I doing with my life? I’ve been sewing. A lot. I’ll post pictures sometime when I’m finished with various projects. I go through cycles with hobbies. I won’t sew anything for months, maybe years, and then I’ll do a million projects at once. This is the million projects phase.

Also, I’ve come to terms that I hate sewing clothing. I’ll do it if there’s a specific need, but I don’t like it. I’d rather sew other things, like quilts and stuffed dragons and chair cushion covers. The last clothing I sewed for myself was my wedding dress…almost four years ago. All of the clothing I’ve sewed since then involved Drew spotting my fabric and saying, “Hey! You could make me a shirt out of that!” Fine… In related news, I’ve perfected my hawaiian shirt pattern.

I’ve been working. A lot. Some days are better than others, but I just finished a four-day revision, which required working all day every day. Drew was out of town. No one was home. I focused and got it done. Now I’m working on a revision of a different book. After that on the schedule…another revision. At some point this should all get interrupted by an editor-mandated revision. The revisions, they never end.

My garden languished in the spring, but I’ve nursed it back to a state of semi-health. I learned that I have way more garden space than I want to take care of, so I’m plotting to large portion of it into berry bushes, since those take care of themselves. I’ve also discovered that if the weeds get out of control in the spring, I’m never going to catch up. Never. Luckily, the winter frost should kill them all and give me a clean slate.

And…I’ve been chilling with my husband. He’s my favorite person in the world anyway.