Ha HA!

Did you hear that?  It’s the sound of my long-stalled rewrite getting unstuck.

I have this issue with beginnings.  In the first chapter, I’m trying so hard to establish everything that I have to write it three or four (or seven or ten) times over before I get it right.

In the second chapter, I tend to stall out and lose tension.  I can tell this is boring because the words flow like dried ketchup, and are about as attractive.  Even I am bored.  There’s too much sitting around, too much thinking, not enough character interaction.  I’m well aware that locking my character in a closet by herself for hours is not interesting.  But I haven’t figured out what else to do, so I just keep writing that closet.

In fact, I have spent several weeks not writing that closet.

 But today I found what else to do besides the closet.    That means this rewrite might actually get done sometime this century.    If I can get through chapter three, and the inevitable awkward transition from story setup to full-swing action, which invariably needs to be cut to just swing all the way through.

By chapter four, we’ll be sailing smooth.