Ha HA!

Did you hear that?  It’s the sound of my long-stalled rewrite getting unstuck.

I have this issue with beginnings.  In the first chapter, I’m trying so hard to establish everything that I have to write it three or four (or seven or ten) times over before I get it right.

In the second chapter, I tend to stall out and lose tension.  I can tell this is boring because the words flow like dried ketchup, and are about as attractive.  Even I am bored.  There’s too much sitting around, too much thinking, not enough character interaction.  I’m well aware that locking my character in a closet by herself for hours is not interesting.  But I haven’t figured out what else to do, so I just keep writing that closet.

In fact, I have spent several weeks not writing that closet.

 But today I found what else to do besides the closet.    That means this rewrite might actually get done sometime this century.    If I can get through chapter three, and the inevitable awkward transition from story setup to full-swing action, which invariably needs to be cut to just swing all the way through.

By chapter four, we’ll be sailing smooth.

7 comments on “Ha HA!

  1. ecmyers

    I hope you can keep up the forward momentum!

    I must have rewritten the opening of my first novel ten times until I finally deleted it just before submitting to agents, which was obviously the right solution. It’s just so hard to let go sometimes…

    1. Janci Post author

      Nice. I’ve never been able to chop off a beginning like that. My third or fourth chapters never make good beginnings, either. I always have to write something else to take it’s place. Sometimes several something elses, in fact.

  2. Janci Post author

    You’re right. At Sundance this year there was a film about a guy who was buried alive. The whole thing took place in the ground. It was supposed to be pretty good, too.

  3. ecmyers

    I wrote a short story about a guy in a closet with a girl dressed as a zombie at a Halloween party. But they weren’t trapped, and she wasn’t dressed as a zombie, she was a zombie 🙂

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