A Thousand Faces Release!

My new science fiction novel, A THOUSAND FACES, is now out in the world!  You can find it on Amazon in e-book and print, and also on Kindle Unlimited.

This book is a little different from the others I’ve released.  It’s a science fiction spy thriller about shape shifters, and it’s one of my favorite things that I’ve written.  I’m delighted to finally get to share it with you.


2 comments on “A Thousand Faces Release!

  1. James Bounous

    I bought this on kindle 2 days ago on a recommendation from Brandon Sanderson. Finished it today. Ready for the next book to come out! My interest is officially peaked; I will definitely be keeping an eye open for more of your works like these!

  2. Calliene Curzon

    Your book “A Thousand faces” was recently mentioned in our paper (Deseret News). I was intrigued so Kindeled” it. It was a VERY GOOD write…(do you hear the “but” coming?)….really… Mel gets a freakin leg wound, Aida gets away, the evil Carmines survive….Jory’s dad dies, her mom gets carved up , Jory and Kalif are split up… I don’t have to have all sugar and spice but it seems “really bad” trumps all. Or did I miss something? Just sayin’ (I’m 77 so what do I know about a good read). Hoping for a little happier read next time…..grandma CC

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