Every once in a while I read a story and I think, I wish I’d written that. This usually happens when an author has accomplished something wonderful. Most recently, I felt this way reading “Movement,” by Nancy Fulda.

The point of view in this story is so beautiful. It’s stuck with me long after I stopped reading. And, luckily, it’s available on Nancy’s website right now. The story’s been nominated for a Nebula award, and the nomination is well-deserved.

2 comments on “Movement

  1. Izzy Whiting

    Wahoo, dancing!! Nancy Fulda sounds familiar, should I recognize her name?

    Also, I can comment, yay!!! (And behold, there was much rejoicing … because I am tired and that makes me hyper.)

  2. Janci Post author

    Nancy is Sandra Tayler’s sister, so that might be why the name rings bells?

    Indeed yay on the commenting. Thanks for pointing out to me that it needed to be fixed.

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