In the interest of not hibernating anymore this winter, I invested $10 in some daylight spectrum light bulbs at Costco. (Thanks for the tip, Melinda!) I’m now incubating under them while doing my daily blog checking and email writing and otherwise internet time-wasting before I gear myself up to get things done. (Yes, I know I’m getting to that incredibly late in the day. Hibernation, see?)

I was really sceptical about the things when I set them up last night. The white light fought with the yellow light from our regular bulbs, making the “daylight” bulbs look fluorescent.

Then I turned them on in the morning. The light from the lamps is exactly the same color as the light coming in through my window.

Maybe there’s something to this, after all.

I really, really hope this works.

6 comments on “Daylight

    1. Janci Post author

      Costco. They were with their regular high-efficiency bulbs. I actually think they’re working. For the first time in weeks I didn’t feel like I needed a nap immediately after I got up. I’ve actually been productive without having to drag myself through it.

      It may be psychosomatic, of course. But I’ll take whatever gets me moving in the winter.

      Happy birthday, by the way.

      1. zellion

        We seriously have had like an hour of real sunshine in the last 10 days and that doesn’t take into account the fact that since I’m pumping milk on all my breaks and lunches at work, 5 days a week I don’t even see the sky except when driving to work.

        I’ll take even psychosomatic at this point,

  1. Janci Post author

    I’m with you. I’ve been avoiding getting the lights for a while because I’m too much of a skeptic. Finally I decided it was worth ten dollars just to know if it would work.

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