LONG DARK NIGHT release day!

My vampire novel, LONG DARK NIGHT, is now available on Amazon, in both e-book and print.  I’m so pleased with it–with the book, with the cover, with finally being able to share it with you. It’s one of those that has been waiting for its day for years, and I almost gave up on it many times, but April needed to have her story told, and now she finally has.

Here’s the cover copy:

Sixteen-year-old April is trapped behind the blinds in her apartment, beholden to the schedule of the daily blood deliveries from the local Red Cross syndicate, waiting for Vance—well-respected director of the local hospital by day, vampire lord by night—to finally descend on her and finish turning her unlife into a living hell. From the day he raped her, infecting her with the STD that turned her into a vampire, he’s been watching her, stalking her, trying to make her his, body and soul.

Until the day April seizes the opportunity to choose her own course.  Now on the run in the California desert, April must find the will not only to survive, but to fight back.