Long Dark Night Cover Reveal!

You guys.

I have been waiting to show you this book for ten years.

(Before you ask, yes the final book in the A Thousand Faces series is done.  It’s off with my editor, and will be out sometime before the end of the year!  Unless my editor hates it.  Let’s hope she doesn’t hate it.  But in the meantime…)

Okay, you don’t want to have read this book ten years ago.  It’s been through several different endings, a few different settings, and more than one character has come and gone.


Finally it’s ready to see the light of day and I am SO EXCITED to share it with you.

(A note: the subject matter of this one may not be for everyone.  I wrote it because I love vampire novels, but the undercurrent of themes like stalking, abuse, controlling behavior, and rape always disturbed me.  This book is about what happens when you take those themes and push them to the forefront, dealing with them rather than glamorizing them.  It took a long time for me to be pleased with the results, and I hope you’ll love them, too.)

Okay, okay.  The cover, by the brilliant Melody Fender:

Right?!  Melody really outdid herself this time.  This might be my favorite cover yet.

Here’s the cover copy for the book.  It’ll be out sometime near the end of August.  I will keep you posted.


Sixteen-year-old April is trapped behind the blinds in her apartment, beholden to the schedule of the daily blood deliveries from the local Red Cross syndicate, waiting for Vance—well-respected director of the local hospital by day, vampire lord by night—to finally descend on her and finish turning her unlife into a living hell. From the day he raped her, infecting her with the STD that turned her into a vampire, he’s been watching her, stalking her, trying to make her his, body and soul.

Until the day April seizes the opportunity to choose her own course.  Now on the run in the California desert, April must find the will not only to survive, but to fight back.