A Million Shadows is finally here!

Today I am happy to announce that A Million Shadows, sequel to A Thousand Faces is finally available on Kindle and in print.

A lot of people have been waiting for a sequel. This is the number one writing question I’ve been asked over the last year. A Thousand Faces is the first in a trilogy, and I actually had the first drafts of all three books written before publishing the first.

So why did it take over a year to get this one out? Was I sitting on it and resting on my laurels?

Um, no. Here’s the thing. First drafts are bad. They need a lot of work. And over the last year this book has given me lots of fits. If you asked me when it would be ready, I probably told you it would be published as soon as I could get all the suck out. Not all books are equally easy to write, and this one was hard. And that’s why I’m so happy to say, I did it! The book is done! The book is awesome! The book is ready for you to read!

And as for me? I’ll be over here revising number three.

Here’s the cover! If you haven’t read A Thousand Faces yet, that’s available too!