Boyless Release Day!

Today I am excited to finally announce the release of my contemporary young adult romance novel, BOYLESS!

I’ll have more to say in the coming days about the cover, but today I just want to share it with you, in all its glory:

BOYLESS is available today on Kindle and in paperback from Amazon.

What’s it about?  Here’s the back cover copy:

Nothing was going to ruin Bryn’s boyless summer. She was all set to have a fantastic experience working at all-girl Camp Timberpine, away from the outside world, away from her food-obsessed mother. With no boys around, Bryn was no longer the bottom of the totem pole of desirability. She was only River, art counselor, still fat, but without the constant reminders that her body shape took her right out of the spawning pool, like a salmon who couldn’t swim upstream.

And then he appears—the camp director’s son, up for the summer to build the camp a new outdoor stage. Logan is more handsome than Bryn would like to admit–and he’s also a threat to all of Bryn’s summer plans. As the other counselors throw themselves at him, Bryn knows that any one of them might be the lead in Logan’s summer romance. Even worse, Logan seems to have pegged her as the safe girl—the one he can hang out with without getting constantly hit on, and no amount of Bryn’s caustic sarcasm will get him to leave her alone. In fact, he almost seems to like it.

Bryn’s hope for a boyless summer rapidly turns to anything but. But could Logan ever be interested in her as more than a friend? And can Bryn let go of her fears and give romance a chance?


(And for those who are wondering, yes, the sequel to A Thousand Faces is coming.  It’s in edits AS WE SPEAK!  It’ll be out in the next few months.)