LTUE this weekend!

This weekend I’ll be at the Life, the Universe and Everything Symposium in Provo, Utah.  This is my home convention, and also my favorite.  If you’re in the neighborhood and of the writerly or fannish persuasion, it’s well worth the effort to attend.  They put me on some gaming panels this year, which I am SUPER excited about.

Here are my events:

3:00 PM    GMing: Keeping your players from wanting to kill you

2:00 PM   Writing Dramatic Scenes

10:00 AM  YA Protagonists
12:00 PM   Are you ready for an agent?
5:00 PM     The Magic of Minis

I won’t be at the mass signing, but I will have a few copies of my books for sale.  If you’re at LTUE, please come say hi!