GIFTCHILD cover reveal!

Today I’m happy to present to you the cover of GIFTCHILD, my new contemporary YA novel, which will be out, possibly as soon as next week:

Release dates with indie books are a little rough–as I don’t control when the online store will actually post the book.  But it’ll be out for sure by December 1st, and probably sooner.  Stay tuned!

What’s it about?  Nice of you to ask!

Penny adores her best friend Rodney. He’s always there for her, and she knows they’d be the perfect couple—except that they’re still in high school, and she’s watched too many friends go through painful breakups. Besides, Penny has bigger things to worry about—like her mother, who desperately wants to have more children.

After an endless string of miscarriages and failed adoptions, Penny’s mother is ready to give up hope. But Penny has the perfect plan: if she gets pregnant, she can give her mother the baby she’s always wanted. Penny’s sure this is the right thing to do, but only after she sets her plan in motion does she realize that sex will change her relationship with Rodney—in ways that she never expected. And the more she tries to fix things for her mother, the more she risks losing everything she wants for herself.

All Penny wants is for the people she loves to be happy. So why isn’t anything going the way that she planned?