Go Figure

For the last week I’ve been working on improving my beat mechanics.  I’m going through a manuscript marking all the missing beats, and what they should accomplish.  This, I thought, would be quick work.

But it’s not.  I was bemoaning today how tedious the work is and how long it’s taking.  What was wrong with me, that the work dragged so badly?  Why did my brain feel like I’d been at this for hours after only a few minutes?  Why was I so exhausted?

Then it occurred to me.

It’s because I’m learning things.  My brain is adapting to a different way of thinking.  Learning is hard work, even if the work isn’t hard.  Then later, when the brain is used to the work, it becomes easy.

So it’s actually good that it’s hard.  It means that I’m internalizing the work that I’m doing.

Go figure.