The Mommy Writer Works Inside a Tornado

My daughter is two.  And while I still put her in front of a movie so I can have focused writing time every day, lately that hour and a half hasn’t been enough.  I’m juggling a lot of projects, several of which are in the stare-at-the-line, rewrite-it-until-it-works stage.  This means I need lots of thinking time between writing spurts, which doesn’t lend itself well to having only one intense writing session per day.

So I write while my child destroys my house, basically.  I was trying to describe my thought process when I see what my child is doing while I’m working, but it’s really better represented by a flow chart.  My child carpeted my floor in hairbands while I made this chart, so I hope you enjoy it.

Yes.  That just about sums it up.