Congrats to Rachele Alpine, whose debut novel, Canary, made its appearance at the beginning of this week.  I was happy to have the opportunity to interview Rachele.

First and most importantly, tell us about the book.

Kate Franklin’s life changes for the better when her dad lands a job at Beacon Prep, an elite private school with one of the best basketball teams in the state. She begins to date a player on the team and quickly gets caught up in a world of idolatry and entitlement, learning that there are perks to being an athlete. But those perks also come with a price. Another player takes his power too far and Kate is assaulted at a party. She knows she should speak out, but her dad tries to silence her in order to protect the team. The world that Kate was once welcomed into is now her worst enemy, and she must decide whether to stay silent or expose the corruption, destroying her father’s career and bringing down a town’s heroes.

I’m hooked already.  Family drama and fighting silence are two of my favorite themes.  Now for the fun stuff.  Suppose you’ve skipped bail, and a bounty hunter is looking for you. What three things do you bring with you?

*My dog, Radley
*Coffee maker
*Flat Iron (hey, a girl’s got to look good, right?!)

So you’re alert, well-groomed, and in good company.  Where does the bounty hunter find you?

Hanging on a small beach in Montezuma, Costa Rica. I studied abroad there when I was in college, and fell in love with the sleepy little beach town.

That sounds heavenly.  Also, pro-tip if you ever do jump bail, bounty hunters can’t follow you out of the country.  So you’re gold!  Now you’re the bounty hunter. When three things do you bring with you while tracking your skip?

The same three things!
*My dog, Radley (so can help smell out the bad guy!)
*My coffee maker (to keep me alert and ready for the chase)
*A flat iron (a girl still has to look good, right?!)

You’ve found your skip, right where you thought they would be. Describe your location and approach.

They are at Chipotle just about to eat the biggest burrito in the world. I patiently wait while they eat it, because everyone knows how sluggish you feel after eating one of those burritos. The burrito is done, the skip is now practically dozing off in a burrito coma, so I sneak over and tie them to the chair by wrapping the burrito aluminium foil around and around them!

With a burrito in his stomach and an aluminum foil casing, you’re sure to catch the skip.  But please take off the foil before you stuff him in your car.  We wouldn’t want to bake the man.  As you‘re unwrapping him, you’re surprised to find him attractive. What three things make them irresistible to you?

*The abilty to chow down on a chipotle burrito and not even leave a drop of sour cream
*They were reading a book while they ate!
*My dog gave me her wag of approval

Thanks, Rachele!  Congrats again on the debut! You can find more about Rachele and her website, facebook, and twitter.