Schlock Coins Kickstarter

I must confess to being a Kickstarter junkie.  I don’t pledge often, because I don’t need lots of stuff nor do I have lots of money.  But I LOVE to watch campaigns unfold–the drama of the rise and decline of pledges, the mad rushes at the beginning and the end, and most of all the endless analysis opportunities of PR and product push and damage control–a good Kickstarter is like a reality TV show without all the people being horrible to each other.  I’ve followed several dozen of these over the last year, and I love them.

This week my friends Howard and Sandra Tayler launched a Kickstarter for challenge coins from the universe of Howard’s comic Schlock Mercenary.  I tuned in a couple hours after it launched and was delighted to see it overfunding already.  It’s kind of going bananas over there, which I’m sure is all kinds of stressful and wonderful for them.  It makes me happy, because  I love watching my friends succeed.  I confess to ignorance about their product (all I know about challenge coin culture comes from the wikipedia page), but I’m looking forward to following the Kickstarter.  Knowing Sandra and Howard, I’m sure they’ll handle it brilliantly.  Take a look, if you like that sort of thing.  I’m sure it’s going to be a fun ride.