Nano Wrapup

So, I “did” Nano. I started writing a brand new novel on November 1st (largely because I finished my new outline on October 31st).

And in November I wrote 9,500 words, which is slim for me in a normal drafting month. So much for Nano.

November also held a teething baby, a flu, a cold, and a whole bunch of drama. But really, I didn’t write 50k because I didn’t take it seriously. When the goal of every day of my life is to write words, it’s really hard to get more dedicated to it than I already am. So, 9.5k instead of 50.

I’m not upset about it, though, because about 8k of those words are really good words that I’m going to get to keep. I’ve already written the emotional heart of the story, and it’s solid. That gives me a powerful foundation for writing the rest, which is a great accomplishment for any month. (The other 1.5k is the first chapter. I’m going to have to write that again, as always.)

So I failed at Nano but won at life. I’m okay with that.

(And I still hope to have this book done by the end of December, which was always the real goal. That means I have to write four times as many words this month. Better get cracking.)