A Giveaway, and Some Reviews

Hey, all.  The book comes out tomorrow.  I fully expect tomorrow’s post to look like link salad, and here’s a preview.

Adventures in YA Publishing has included CHASING THE SKIP in their giveaway for this week.  You can enter over at their site, and also read about my favorite thing about the book.

I have a post up today on the Apocalypsies blog about CHASING THE SKIP’s path to publication.  That slice of my publication story is by far the nicest, smoothest part.

Also, the Deseret News did a nice article on Sunday about the book.  Here’s the review from their website.    And another review from Elitist Book Reviews, on why the reviewer liked it even though he would never have picked up a book like this.

And, because I, too, am tiring of all the links, here’s a photo of a flower.  Enjoy.