The Five Books of Jesus

Let me tell you about my buddy James.  He’s the kind of writer I dearly wish I was–the kind who can string together a sentence so beautiful it belongs in poetry and then work it into prose like it was born to be there.  He’s the kind of thinker who always has something complex and balanced to say about everything from canon literature to video games.  (I’m sure he also knows how to spell canon in that context.  I had to google it.)  He hops genre and media often, always deconstructing expectations and pushing to see what else can be done.  In short, James is awesome.

And he’s written a book, available today.

I know what you’re thinking: Oh, no.  Not a book about Jesus.  But let me tell you, this is not a religious screed, or  a didactic affirmation of faith, or a blasphemous romp, or a Mormon rewriting of scripture to fit established doctrine.  It’s a literary exploration of the Gospels, weaving together old testament symbolism and prophecy with fictional character interpretations.  It’s gorgeous, largely because James is the kind of writer who can pull off the improbable.  I don’t like religious fiction as a rule, but I love this book.  So, you know.  You should read it and stuff.

Read what James has to  has to say about it here.  You can get copies in a variety of formats, both print and ebook, and he’ll tell you how.