Chasing the Book Interview: C. J. Redwine

C. J. Redwine’s new novel, Defiance, just came out last week.  If you didn’t read it over labor day, well, it’s still around this week.  You can repent.

First, tell us about the book.

When Rachel Adams’ father goes missing in the Wasteland outside her cloistered city-state, she is determined to rescue him. But making an alliance with the boy who broke her heart and rebelling against her leader carry a heavy cost, and the truth that waits for her in the Wasteland could start a war two decades in the making.

Now, let’s say you’ve skipped bail, and a bounty hunter is looking for you.  What three things do you bring with you?

A hot pink bedazzled Taser, the bag of cash I may or may not have
buried in my backyard for just such an occasion, and a collection of
really fabulous wigs.

Now we know where to dig.  So, where does the bounty hunter find you?

In a skeevy little dive of a place just south of the border where the
decor is atrocious but the chips and salsa are DIVINE.

Chips and salsa are my favorite.  Now you’re the bounty hunter.  When three things do you bring with you while tracking your skip?

A sexy car I “borrow” from the local Italian sports car dealership in
the middle of the night, a collection of weapons I probably don’t know
how to use, and Robert Downey Jr.


You’re right. The sports car is a little over the top.

When you are carrying a pink, bedazzled Taser, nothing is over the top.  Now, you’ve found your skip, right where you thought they would be.
Describe your location and approach.  

The skip is holed up a dusty little house at the end of a cul de sac
in Nowheresville, Tennessee. I drive my sexy little sports car right
through the front door, slide out of the sun roof, and distract him by
shouting “Hey! Isn’t that Robert Downey, Jr.?” so I can take him down.

You’ll get him for sure, since you’ve blocked the escape route.  Now, you’ve just caught a skip, and you’re surprised to find them
attractive.  What three things make them irresistible to you?

He does a mean Jack Sparrow impersonation, he bakes irrestistible
cupcakes, and he can intelligently explain all the many ways George
Lucas ruined Star Wars by making episodes 1-3.

We all know that the Star Wars conversation alone can last a lifetime.  Anything else you’d like to tell us?

While I am the most unprepared girl in the world when it comes to
apocalyptic events (although I would have Robert Downey Jr. and that
has to count for something!), my heroine is not. She would be ashamed
of my approach to skip tracing. And she wouldn’t be caught dead
carrying a bedazzled ANYTHING. 🙂

You can find C. J. online on her blog, facebook, twitter, and pinterest.  Thanks for joining us, and good luck with the book!