So I disappeared there at the end of the Thanksgiving countdown. We decided at the last minute to go to an extended family thing out of town…and I ignored the internet and my phone all weekend. Felt good.

Today I’m finishing up some revisions, which are intimidating but going well, I think. Most importantly, they’re almost done. I’ll just stay focused on the work in front of me, and almost done will soon transform into completely done. That’ll be nice.

I’ve noticed this trend lately–people ask me questions for which I have no answers. Questions about my future book release, about my future writing, about my future child, about my future in general.

Guys, I have no idea. You can keep asking, but it’s not going to make me form any ideas. Why? Because I’m focused on the work in front of me. And it’s so absorbing that I can’t bring myself to think about anything else. I’m dealing with my life the best way I know how: do what’s next, and try to stay prepared for the future generally. I’m happy that way, because I’m not making plans that will inevitably not work, because the future looks different than I intend it to. I’m just going to stay flexible about it, which means not forming answers to those questions. I can’t predict the future, and I can’t control most of the elements of it. I’ll deal with it when it becomes the thing directly in front of me. Today? That thing is the end of my revision. I’m going to go work on that now.