I Love Strategy Games

I spent the afternoon learning how to play Blood Bowl. This was my first game ever, and it was not Drew’s first. Not by a long shot. It was a “learning game” in the sense that I talked through all my strategy out loud to give Drew a chance to correct me if I was misunderstanding the game’s rules, or making stupid tactical mistakes.

He did not correct me, except in the case where he needed to explain a rule I didn’t know yet.
About halfway through the game he started declining to comment on my strategy at all, in fact.

And I totally kicked his butt.
By a lot.
(We both played excellently, but my rolls were better.)
And we both had a blast.

We play a lot of games around here. Space Hulk. Warmachine. Hordes. Fairymeat. Malifaux. Now Blood Bowl.
These games, they are so very much fun. I love getting to play them.
And I’m thankful for that.