Money Values

I am often grateful that Drew and I have similar money values. Money is supposed to be the number one thing that couples fight over, but we’ve never had a fight about money. That’s not because we do anything special–we just both like to spend about the same amount of money, save about the same amount of money, and spend discretionary money on the same sorts of things.

Really, what this looks like is that neither of us likes spending money (or shopping, for that matter), we both like having a healthy financial buffer, and we both would rather work as artists than have lots of toys, or even much financial security. It’s just so nice to know that when I have to say, “I don’t think we can afford that right now,” I’m going to be met with agreement, rather than resistance. It’s also nice because while our funds for fun things are limited, it’s possible to spend them on things we’ll both enjoy, which makes the money go farther.

I’m sure we could work it out if we disagreed about these things, but agreeing about them makes my life simpler and our financial lives healthier, so I’m grateful for it.