Giving Thanks

Every day, when I wake up in the morning, my thought process goes something like this.

My life is awesome.
I get to do this for another day?
How did I get that lucky?
Oh, hi husband. You are awesome.
Hello, house, you are also awesome.
I’m just going to sit here in the awesomeness for another minute.
Then I’ll get up and do what needs to be done today to keep it.

(Then I usually fall asleep for another hour, which I shouldn’t, but whatever. Nobody’s perfect.)

So when I read this post series idea this morning, I wanted to steal it. I have so much to be thankful for. I don’t talk about this as much as I think about it, because, really, sharing feels like gloating.   But seriously guys.  A month of things I’m thankful for?  I might go on for three months.  Or four.

I’ve decided to go for it. The idea-stealing might be tacky, but I’ve decided I don’t care.  Here we go.

Thing I am thankful for #1:

Let me tell you about this guy:

No, first let me tell you a story.

When I was maybe twelve years old I was with my church youth group. I don’t remember what the topic of conversation was, but it was something that came up a lot and also something that I did not care about at all. (Band practice, perhaps? Something along those lines.) I complained. Why do we always have to talk about this same thing?

And I remember an adult telling me that when I got older, and got married, I’d have to talk about the same exact things every day. My husband would come home and want to talk about work, and there wouldn’t be anything else in the world to talk about, so I might as well get used to just talking about the same things all the time.

That’s not an exact quote, obviously, but I remember the spousal example specifically. And I also remember thinking, wow. Your life must really suck. I don’t have to be like that when I grow up.

Back to my husband. I’m not just with him in the evenings. We’re together almost literally 24-7, because we both work at home, and we have the same hobbies, and we like to hang out with each other when we have the choice, anyway. (Are we one of those annoying couples that other people have hive-names for, like Brangelina? Maybe. But I like to think that our friends are cooler than that.)

Let me tell you, in all that time we spend together, we do a lot of talking. A lot. Sometimes we stay up until the very early hours of the morning because we’re talking and can’t just shut up and go to sleep. And yes, we talk about work. Though I have to say that having to talk about the latest in miniatures gaming is not quite the boring conversation I imagined as a twelve-year-old. But the former-me would be pleased (and smug, no doubt) to know that we don’t just talk about that. We talk about politics, and art, and science, and philosophy, and literary theory. We can dissect a good movie for a solid four days–a good video game for even longer. We design role-playing settings, we debate economics, we talk game strategy. And all this while cooking dinner or eating lunch or working.

In short, contrary to the predictions of my long-ago youth leader, my life does not suck. My life is, in fact, awesome. And never repetitious or boring.  And full of interesting ideas, and debate, and variety.   And this is due, in very large part, to this guy:

Jeez, I love him. And our lives. And I’m thankful every day for that.