A Couple of Things

I was going through my blog today pulling some links to some posts, which caused me to re-read most of last year’s entries.

I had almost forgotten how busy last year was. There were just way too many things to accomplish in way too short a time. I’m happy to report that my efforts last August to slow our lives down have been successful. Drew has had a really busy couple of months, but it’s busy in the sane sense, as opposed to the insane pace of last year. I really just can’t do that again, and I’m glad that I know that and can set some boundaries for myself.

In my reading I ran across my post about our business starting to hold even. That put some things in perspective for me, since we’re now making quite a profit off Drew’s business–it pays almost all the bills, so that my writing money only has to supplement it a tiny bit. We have a healthier financial buffer these days, which is nice–especially when everything we own decides to fall apart over the course of a few months. Oh, and our bills have increased just a little since then, what with the whole mortgage and house-sized utilities thing. I really need to stop worrying about money, because while we still have to be really careful, we’re doing fine, and worrying about the future is just borrowing tomorrow’s trouble.

In the next few months, I intend to do some more posts about writing and self-employment, because, you know, that’s what’s going on in my life right now, so that’s what I have thoughts about. There are a bunch of things that I know I’ve said on the internet before, but are not in my archives, which means that I either said them in comments or they are somewhere in the recesses of my livejournal that I’m not going to import. So if you hear some repeats from me, sorry. Most of it should be new stuff, though, because a lot has changed in the last couple of years.

And on a completely random note, we finished Final Fantasy X-2 last night. The game was really bad, but it transformed into awesomeness when we started imagining that these weren’t the actual events, but Rikku’s spontaneous retelling of the game. The dialog is much better when Rikku says “and then shewas all,” or “and then I was all” before each line. We added Rikku’s other thoughts as our very own MST3K. I just wish they’d subtitled the game “Rikku’s Random Adventures,” because that would have made it all worth it. On the bright side, they didn’t really touch the story from X, so nothing was ruined, and we broke the mechanics halfway through the game, and didn’t have to fight another random encounter after that. I’m pretty sure we finished the game at about half the level we were supposed to be.