I feel like I’m going through some rite of passage.

Last night, I discovered that our laundry room smelled like gas.  Our furnace is housed in there.  Not good, right?

So we called the gas company.  Yup.  Furnace is leaking.  Gas gets shut off.  Now we have no heat and no hot water.

Luckily, it didn’t freeze last night.  It’s still 60 degrees inside our house even 12 hours later.  I’m calling that a blessing.  (We left faucets dripping just in case.)

Called some heating contractors today.  (Yesterday I didn’t know that was a thing.)  They’ll be here in a few hours.  And we’ll spend money I intended to spend on other things on fixing our heater.  Yay.

It’s not exactly a financial hardship.  We’re doing just fine, as usual.  But I feel like the unexpected-broken-thing is a part of home ownership–one we had not yet encountered.

I just hope these things don’t really come in threes.

ETA: It’s fixed. Fairly painlessly. Turned out the part was even under warranty.