Super Cook

This post is going to sound like an advertisement, but I don’t care.

I like to cook, but I hate to shop.  I hate having to go to the store for one ingredient, and searching through a million recipes because I don’t have all the ingredients for any of them. 

The website is my new favorite thing. It’s a search engine that searches recipe sites. You can put in the ingredients in your kitchen, and it’ll pull up recipes using only what you have, or listing the other ingredients you’d need to buy. I played with it a couple months ago, and thought it was pretty spiffy.

Then I tried logging in. Now the engine *remembers* everything that’s in my kitchen.  And it’ll save recipes for me that I think look awesome. Plus, it searches all the recipe websites I used to find through google–like Allrecipes and Recipezaar–so I’m getting the same recipes I used to get, without having to sort through the ones I can’t make.  

Even better: because it suggests recipes based on what I already have, it suggests things I’m likely to like, because I own the ingredients for the kinds of things I like to make.  Like lots of indian curries. YUM.

Today I wanted to make something with some red potatoes that were about to go bad.  So I logged in to supercook and emphasized red potatoes on the list of things in my kitchen.  The engine gave me a long, long list of red potato recipes, using only what I already have.  I chose one.  It took about 30 seconds.  Garlic red potatoes with lemon and parmesean are currently baking in my oven, and they smell divine.

Best website ever.  Seriously.