Settling In

We’ve now got a full week of settling in to routine under our belts, and are moving into week two.

Here are some observations, in no particular order.

  • I’m writing every day again.  Yay for that.  I’m having a terrible time with one particular chapter, and am alternating between drafting material past that chapter and going back to beat it into submission some more.  I think I finally have a critiquable draft done, which means I can finally submit it to writing group.  I still hate the draft, though.  Hopefully my amazing alpha readers will be able to tell me what precisely is wrong with it.
  • I’m finding that I did a pretty good job of holding things together during the months of insanity.  I am finding very few dropped balls lying around in the corners.  There are a few of them, though, like the still defunct web store.  Working on that now.
  • It’s so nice to have time.  Drew and I have been hitting a badminton birdie around at the park.  We’re back to playing the videogames that require Drew to actually hold a controller, like Bioshock (love the game; hate the controller interface, so Drew does the actual playing) and Rainbow Six Vegas (awesome multiplayer, except that it won’t play the cutscenes).  Drew can go grocery shopping with me again.  He can run to the store with me.  It’s lovely.
  • My allergies have chosen this moment to have a total spaz attack.  Could have lived without that, but at least I have the space to figure out what’s causing it.  One of those balls that got dropped may have been the dustmite proofing of our new residence.  Whoops.
  • I am really stressing out about little things a lot.  I think that’s a factor of having a lot of unknown variables in the new life structure.  Our finances have changed (obviously) and even though I think we’re doing fine, I can’t know for absolutely sure.  There are a lot of things floating like that right now.  I suppose it’ll all settle out with time.  I’m really happy with the way things are going; my stress all comes from worrying about whether we can sustain it.  That’s been a theme over the last three years, and every time before this, the answer was yes, we can.  So we’ll keep walking forward and hope it’ll be true yet again.  These last years have been full of miracles.  What’s one or two more, right?