House Pics

It’s taken me a month and a half, but I’ve finally gotten around to taking pictures of the house.  Thanks for you patience, people who keep asking me to post them.

I thought for a while about whether I wanted to f-lock this for privacy reasons, but in the end I decided I’m just not paranoid enough to care.  You are getting tiny lj images, however, because I was too lazy to care. 

Here’ s the front of the house.  The yard/driveway both continue for another ten feet or so on either side of this picture.  What I wouldn’t give for a wide-angle lens.  This was something of a theme.

Yes, parts of our lawn are dead.  This is because I suck at adjusting sprinklers. 

Front room.  The paintings were done by Drew’s brother.  There’s a third one that didn’t make it in the shot.

Kitchen.  Also Drew’s work table.  And Drew.  Working.

Shot from the other direction for context, looking into the family room.

Family room which at this point is pretty much a gaming room.  We have a table with an erasable grid map that we bring in for rpgs.  Having enough space to roleplay here is my second favorite thing about this house.

Here is my first favorite thing.  We have a (tiny) office.  No one actually works in here, but the minis/shipping/photography stuff is no longer in our living space. The boxes no longer live in our coat closet.  I no longer sleep next to the light box!  The minis are no longer stuffed in our clothes closets!   And there was much rejoicing!  Hooray!

Extra bedroom, upstairs.  Right now there’s nothing in here.  We have a second extra bedroom, but a friend is staying in there, so no pictures for you.

Half of the master bedroom.  Oh for a wide angle lens in both these pictures.  These angles are pretty pathetic, but they’re the best I could do.

Other half the bedroom, with the desk.  No, the desk isn’t in the office.  This was the subject of much debate, but I like the setup better this way.

Back yard.  Both the side yards have planter box gardening space, which is nice.  Also, our lonely, forelorn swing set, used only by wasps, as we have no children.  It came with the house.  Also, our jungle of a lawn that is very sad we were out of town last weekend and not mowing it.  Saturday is going to be a blast, let me tell you.

The back of the house, showing my third favorite thing about this house: the big, beautiful south-facing windows.  If you could look close enough, you would be able to see my least favorite thing, which is all the wasps nests we have to poison and destroy bi-weekly.  *sigh*

Not pictured are the garage, the laundry rooms, and the bathrooms, because I just couldn’t get excited enough about those to post them.
The end.