And…We’re Done!


Yesterday I ran out of transition tasks.  After the massively terrifying home buying and moving tasks, coupled with looming work deadlines for both of us, we are done.  (Well, Drew has two more weeks until he’s totally done.  But I’m there.)  So I spent today napping, staring into space, and falling back into routine. 

It’s not that my list of Things To Do is gone.  But the Things that are left To Do are all routine-like things.  I need to weed the strawberries.  (This whole having a yard thing is a little surreal.  Also, I didn’t know they came with wasps.  Don’t mind the yard work; could live without the bugs.)  I need to finish my draft, but let’s face it: need-to-finish-draft is pretty much a terminal condition for me.  I’ve given up looking for the cure.

I’d like to say this means I’m going to be around here more.  And maybe it will.  But I finally get to move that terminal condition of mine back up to priority number one, so I’m not making any promises.  These last three years have been one huge transition after another.  I’m ready to settle in and just work to keep what I have, instead of changing priorities every few months.  Time to come to a place of stable.  I really love my life, and I’m ready to spend some time living it.