I’ve made myself a promise.

After Gen Con, there will be no more Big Commitments, Big Goals, or Big Changes in our lives for a good while.

We haven’t had six months without a Big Event (or four) since we started dating. 

And I am so totally exhausted.

Everything we have accomplished has been important and good, but if I keep running hot like this I’m going to burn out.

So starting in the fall, we’re staying home.  I’m going to write books.  (And hopefully, you know, sell them.)  Drew is going to paint things he gets paid to paint and whatever else he feels like painting.  (And no more 70 hour work weeks, thank you very much.)

Between now and then we have to finish off all the things we’ve already committed to, like a rewrite, Schlock minis, competition minis, a major shipping event, a convention, and a move. 

After that: six months.  Please, let me be able to pull off six months without a big event.

Because all this amazing stuff that’s happening doesn’t mean a thing if I can’t take a breath and enjoy it.