The Front of the Line

The last few years for me have been like a roller coaster.  I don’t mean that things were up and down.  Not at all.  In fact, I spent a year and a half doing the equivalent of waiting in a very long line.

Nothing was moving.  No matter what I did, I saw no forward motion.  I got up every day, went through the motions, and wished for the day when I could just pick new goals that might *someday* move.  Somewhere.  Anywhere.  I felt I would never arrive at the front of that line.

And then, about two months or so ago, I got to the front.  I climbed into the seat.  I buckled in.

And now my life is catapulting forward at such speed, with such gut-churning momentum, that. I. just. want. it. to. stop.  STOP!

Why did I think waiting in this line was a good idea, anyway?