Piles of Things

There’s this Rembrants song I used to listen to during finals week in college.  It goes like this:

I’ve got these feelings I’m trying to deal with
I’m not sure you understand
If I seem like I’m too preoccupied
To fit into your plans
It’s just that it’s one thing on top of another
And now it’s one too many high
I wonder how many piles of things it takes
To bury me alive

For the first time since graduating, I have the urge to break out that song.  The trouble is, in college, no matter how stressful finals are they are always over in a week.

This mountain of things I have to do?  Is not going to be over in a week.

And when I’m done, I’m going to be buried under MORE responsibility, not less.

And if I fail the class, I can’t just repeat it.

I do not for one moment want to go back to school.  But sometimes being an adult just sucks.

[As a side note, last week I took down all my lj icons that had other people’s intellectual property on them.  It was time.  But now, I find myself with a shortage of ranty icons.  Thank goodness for the two Mandy made me.  Thank you Mandy!  I guess I need to take some angrier photos, instead of all the pretty flower ones.  Some days are just not pretty flower days.]