Things I Have Done Since Selling My Book

Had celebratory ice cream at Denny’s at 1 AM with Drew.
Stressed over the amount of work on Drew’s table.
Gotten in a fight over the amount of work on Drew’s table.
Basecoated most of the minis on Drew’s table.
Got email from my agent saying he’s announcing my deal on twitter. 
Called what feels like everyone I know.
Felt guilty about the people I did not call because I could not stand the thought of the phone any longer.
Announced on lj and facebook.
Sent emails to writing mentors from school.
Wrote half a page.  (An improvement over the nothing I was writing while stressing about the submission.)
Looked at the number of comments on my facebook and lj and wished I could find the energy and time to respond to everyone personally.  (Clearly hasn’t happened yet.)
Wished I had a better story to tell people about how the book sold.  (Here’s the real story: my agent is awesome.  He sold it.  I said yay.  Drew and I were both pretty sure it was going to happen, so our reactions were both something along the lines of "huh!  look at that!")
Went grocery shopping.
Cooked food.
Ate food.
Dealt with a seriously annoying stranger.
Played video games (but not many.  Too much other stuff to do.)
Critiqued Drew’s sculpting.
Mailed commissions off to clients.
Wondered how it is that while things have changed, everything is the same.
Stayed up way to late writing this.
Gone to sleep.  Twice.