So Good

Today was a good day.  It’s the kind of good day that makes the badness of last week feel better.

I got safety and emissions done on the car, and it took neither four months nor four hundred dollars to pass.  (That would be the numbers from last year and the year before.  I was nervous.)  Also, the brakes no longer squeak.

I thought camping reservation thoughts.  We’re thinking of doing three weekend trips this year.  I need that kind of a break so, so badly right now–the kind that gets me out of my house and away from my email.  I just had to wait to see if the car ate up all the wiggle room in the budget.  And surprise!  It did not!

While waiting for the car, I discovered that Many Lands (the local hole-in-the-wall imported foods store) carries the Indian food spice packets my mother-in-law has been sending us.  Those are heaven.

The IRS discovered that I made a mistake on our taxes and expressed this to me by sending me a big fat check.  Those are the kinds of mistakes I’m glad to hear about.  This also means they’ve been over my taxes and didn’t find any errors besides the one credit I didn’t know we qualified for.  Maybe I know what I’m doing after all. 

(Also, I now have even MORE wiggle room in the budget.  Perhaps I will use it to get new glasses, finally.  Mine are broken and five years old.)

I also received in the mail metal masters for our next mini project, which means the caster I sent it to can meet a deadline (I cannot, in public, express the kind of joy and relief this brings me) and also does very fine work.  That means this project is moving forward.  I like forward motion.

DVDs that I ordered with Amazon gift certificates arrived.

I really, really needed this kind of a good day.  

The end.