And That’s When It Started to Stick

This is both a true story and a metaphor for my week.

So I decided to drag myself running today.  When I left my house, the sky was cloudy and the wind was moderate.  But the sky had been cloudy and the wind moderate for days.  

Then on my warm-up walk to the park it started to hail.  This was small sized hail, so it didn’t hurt.  I thought it was quite a nice metaphor for my week.  I kept walking.

When I got to the park the wind picked up so the hail flew sideways.  I laughed and pulled on my hood.

I took half a lap around the park.  Coming back the wind blew into my face.

That’s when it started to snow.  Not a little snow, either.  The kind that comes down in clumps.

I laughed and walked backwards to a picnic pavilion.  I stood there in the semi-shelter, laughed until my side hurt, threw my arms in the air and thanked God for the metaphor.

And that’s when it started to stick.

[And for those who are wondering, the badness of my week has nothing to do with my writing.  That’s actually going very well.]