Last Week

Last week I think I had a week from hell. I didn’t really notice at the time because I was so focused on digging in my fingernails and holding on.

Last week included:

Way too much work, and some tight deadlines.
12 hour work days for Drew.
Several days of basecoating for me. (The most horrible part of painting.)
A monotonous gray basecoat that would not die.
A monotonous gray sky that would not die.
A snowstorm. In March.
Two colds and a sinus infection.
An adverse drug reaction.
Failing to eat because of busyness and illness.
A mini that fell apart, literally, during the last critical stages of its construction, during the last hour of a 12 hour work day.
An underbuzzing of stress from other events that are quickly approaching.

Despite all of that we managed only to get into one very small fight. That is a major accomplishment. (We only fight when we’re both stressed by other things.) We managed to laugh through most of the week. (Not that mini falling apart, though.)

This week, I’m shooting for normal.

This week, I’m hoping for nine hour work days. (The work list for this week is thankfully lighter.)

This week, I’m going to finish the giant critique I’ve been working on, and those Christmas presents that are so long overdue.

This week, I’m going to do dishes. (Yeah, that didn’t happen last week.) I’m going to keep our apartment in some semblance of order.

This week, I’m going to take some pictures. I’m going to relax.

This week, we’re taking a day off.

I’m not even going to stress about that revision I’m supposed to be working on. Because there’s always next week.

This week, I’ve earned the break.