The good news is that I have officially unburied myself. All the tasks I ignored while I was finishing my revision are now done. I have a few overdue christmas presents to sew (whoops) and a few books written by friends to read, but I’ve now staunched the bleeding of the task list sufficiently that I can do it. In fact, these are the only tasks on my larger Things To Do lists…at all. (This is because I stopped adding things a while ago when I realized I had Too Much To Do.) And that feels good.

The bad news is that I’ve apparently worked myself into a waking coma. I can’t do anything today but lie in a lump. The daily to do stuff is languishing. (Fortunately it’s stuff like Dishes and Laundry and Water the Plants. Somehow, we’ll all survive.)

I watched a movie. I’ve done a lot of boring web surfing. I can tell I’m in a coma because it didn’t even bother me that I was so bored. I just kept clicking. I don’t want to move again. Really ever.

I should have seen the coma coming. I’ve written five paragraphs in two days, because pulling words out of my brain was like pulling taffy. My writing is the canary. It always goes first.

Fortunately this weekend has precious little productivity required. Hopefully the coma will be over by Monday.