Thank You, Johns.

I like to read the news, but I regularly get frustrated. I’m a moderate politically, and I tend to get annoyed at both the extremes, wishing we could have more cooperation and less head-butting. I get annoyed at bad rhetoric, especially. There is nothing I hate more than a person making an argument I respect, and making it badly.

When I get myself tied into a knot over all the bad arguing going around, I turn to the Johns: John Stewart and John Scalzi.

The Johns are both excellent with rhetoric.  I may not agree with everything they say, but I sure agree with the way they say it. 

The Johns constantly remind me that someone in the world is capable of expressing their opinions effectively.  More often than not, I walk away from their arguments thinking: thank you.  Somebody needed to say it.  

And even more importantly, the Johns make me laugh.  At the end of the day they may not have solved the problems I’m frustrated about, but at least I’m smiling about them.

So thank you, Johns.  Thank you for your impeccably structured arguments and your well-aimed commentary. 

I appreciate you.