There have been so many things I have wanted to write about over the last four months.  I have a list.  Those posts are all coming eventually.

October and November were crazy business months what with the mini launch and all.
November and December were full of holidays and revision angst.
January filled with more revision angst (and revision progress, finally!), a flood of accounting, and a sinus infection.

Here we are in February.  I feel myself finally digging out from under the mound of stuff.  I sent out emails today to set up social things.  (There are more emails to that effect still to send.)  I can imagine placing something else on my schedule this month.  The clouds of busy are starting to part.

Even better, I’m finally on the downhill spin for my revision.  My first chapter is where I want it to be.  (And I can finally see that it’s there.  You stare at anything for long enough and all you can see are the holes.)

Today I’m going to knock down chapters two and three.  (Two needs lots of work; three is basically fine as-is.)  Then I’ll only have one problem-chapter left to run through.  Finishing the revision at the end of this week would be lovely.  I might even get there.  

At any rate (because I know everyone was worried), this revision is NOT actually going to take me the rest of my natural life.  AND I’m not going to die an unnatural death trying to pull it out.  Guess I was wrong about that.  Again.  Go figure.  (And call off the life flight, if you would.)

So all those posts I meant to write (including the one with all the New York pictures–I havent’ forgotten) are coming.  Just not today.