Shut up!

I get so demoralized by revision.

This is largely because my beginnings need so much work. I have a whole book to revise, and I spend a million years revising the first three chapters. I spend all of that time looking at the other 3/4 of my book and saying to myself, “that means this revision is going to take me *4* million years! Holy #*&! Shoot me now!”

And then I get past chapter four and it’s practically done already.

If I can just get past chapter four it will be practically done already.

I can’t believe how long this revision is taking.

I haven’t taken this long on any writing project in the last four years.

The voice announcing the countdown to 4 million is drowned out only by the voice that keeps asking me if I’m really making this thing better, or if I’m just pushing words around.

This whole process would go so much easier if the stupid voices in my head would just. shut. up.