Good News; Bad News

For the last month and a half, this has felt like an eternal revision. Today I put my finger on why.

The good news: The farther I dig into this revision, the better the manuscript gets.

The bad news: My list of notes to change and things to work on is getting longer, rather than shorter.

The good news: Today I revamped a scene so it has more nuance and emotion.

The bad news: I also made three more pages of notes for further nuance and emotion to be written into the book. Starting at the beginning. Again.

The good news: I’ve been through the first third of the book several times. It’s gotten a lot better.

The bad news: I have twelve yellow note pages full of new notes to implement in the first three chapters–many MANY more than I started with.

The good news: The notes are more detailed and concrete than my first set.

The bad news: At this rate, I’m going to die of old age before I finish.

The good news: I’ll suffer death by insanity first. At least that’ll be a shorter way to go.