I am back.

There are so many things I ought to write about–things that go back four months or more. I have a list.

The last week has been lovely and frustrating and warm and wonderful and exhausting and refreshing all at once.

The most important piece of it (besides seeing family) was that Drew and I had a conversation in which we solidified our financial goals for the next six years. It was all stuff we’d talked about before, but this time I pulled out a piece of paper and actually did the math.

Deep breaths.

Deep breaths.

Deep breaths.

This wouldn’t be so scary if I didn’t think that we could pull it off. I want to be excused from the task by impossibility. That’s been something of a theme this year. If my goals are impossible, then I’m not responsible for reaching for them.

But they aren’t impossible.
So I’m reaching.
Next Monday I go back to work.
Between now and then I need to scrape together all the odds and ends that vacation has interrupted and scattered.

It’s good to be back.