Of Winter and Heaters

I intended this week to be a hardcore work week. My revision sorely needed it. Instead I turned on my heater last Friday and spent the week having severe allergic reactions to the dust in the vents. I benadryled my brain into non-existence. The freezing cold and ice didn’t help. So I hibernated.

I worked on a christmas present but ran out of materials. I worked on wrapping, but ran out of wrapping paper. Benadryl brain and ice on the road made driving a non-option. So I played video games instead.

Now with vent filters in place, I’m starting to do all the things I didn’t do over the last week again. You know, like make food. Eat. Work. Leave my house. I still won’t drive. Too much ice.

I guess next week will be a VERY hardcore work week. I’ve got to get this thing done with.

I’d still mostly rather be hibernating.