Tu Publishing

For those who aren’t aware, children’s book editor Stacy Whitman is working on starting a small press to focus on multicultural fantasy and science fiction. There’s been a lot of awareness over the last year about this gap in the genre, and Stacy’s press, Tu Publishing, would be a good push toward closing it. Here’s Tu Publishing’s mission statement. I’m really excited about Stacy’s project, and hope she’s able to get it off the ground.

But a publishing company needs money to pay authors and do print runs and so forth. In that interest, Tu is raising money through Kickstarter, a website that allows projects to connect with donors who pledge. If the project reaches its goal, the money is donated, and if not it’s refunded to the donors. Tu Publishing is at 30% of its goal, and the deadline is December 14th.

Some of the awesome people on livejournal have started an auction, to which anyone can donate items. Anyone can then bid on those items, and if they win, the amount bid is pledged to Tu’s Kickstarter page in exchange for the donated item.

We’re working on getting together some stuff to donate to the cause. I’ll post again when we’re ready. In the meantime, if you can help, try to spread the word. Even if you can’t donate items or money, tell someone about the project. The more people know, the more likely Tu Publishing is to meet its goal.