Back to Work

Well, I’m back at work.

Meaning after a nearly three month break, I’m writing again. And by writing I mean jumping into a massive revision. (It’s amazing how massive a revision can be when you’re not actually changing the plot/characters really at all. Just augmenting what’s there. And augmenting and augmenting and augmenting. Because “more can be done here.”)

But I’ve discoved that the business tasks and housework and errands don’t actually go away just because I have writing to do. So I’m settling into a rhythm–business stuff and housework in the morning, jumping into writing in the afternoon.

This works well for me, because I get itchy if I sit down to write with too many things on my To Do list. The trick, then, is to keep my daily To Do lists short enough that I can finish everything in a couple of hours and feel like I have the rest of the day clear to write. So far it’s working.

So this morning I finished dishes and printed invoices and did some PR work. And in a half hour it’s off to the Keep to bury myself in revisions.

It’s nice to have a more concrete routine, but most of me just feels like I’ve come back from a very nice vacation–one I wish was much, much longer.

Sigh. Back to work.