I have been a ball of stress lately.  I am supposed to be calmly investing in the projects we have going.  Instead I am constantly trying to distract myself from stress.  Granted, the things I’ve been doing to distract myself are mostly productive.  The house is clean.  We have a new mini case all put together and organized.  (Looks much better than it did!)  But the painting has not been happening because painting allows me too much time to think about how stressed I am. 

There are a few events that should lessen my stress.  One should happen today.  A few others should happen this week.  I really hope they all come down in the next three days, so that next week I won’t be so tense anymore. 


This was supposed to be notes, not complaints.  Whoops.

Yesterday we went to IKEA to buy the mini case.  I just love furniture stores, especially the kind where they have everything set up like rooms.  I have since I was a little kid, for some reason.  They make me all happy.

It’s raining today, and the rain also makes me happy.  It feels like Bay Area winter, which is so much better than Utah winter, which I am dreading.

September has been a slow month, which is only a small part of the stress.  We’ve got an avalanche of business coming down on us (probably starting today), so I’m not really worried about the lack of money coming in.  I’m more stressed about how crazy October and November are going to be, mostly because we cannot yet do anything about any of the projects.  *sigh*

Tomorrow is October 1st.  I’ve been counting down to it for several reasons.  I have a feeling October is going to be different from August and September.  I really hope I’m right.  If nothing else it’s the beginning of several events that will keep me busy and not thinking about the stress.