A Note

I have sorely neglected my livejournal lately. 

I have three posts all composed in my head, but I haven’t written any of them down, nor will I today.

I spent the early afternoon photoshopping.  Every time I use photoshop I discover new and cool functions.  I also fiddled with Drew’s gallery to upload some stuff. 

I rearranged our entire bedroom/office on Friday.  The business is slowly taking over our apartment.  It really, really needs its own room.  (It’s probably not getting one for another couple years, so until then I’ll just keep watching my actual living space shrink.)  Our apartment is perfect for us.  It just doesn’t accomodate us and our 20-month-old-studio-baby very well. 

Speaking of, I can’t believe I’ve been managing a business for almost two years.  What’s more, I can’t believe it’s actually making us money.  Never ceases to amaze and terrify.

We’re having something of a slow month, but it’s also involved some great things.  (An outsourcing agreement with another studio, contact with agents, and preparation for Christmas sales and our new product launch, etc.) 

I’m still not writing, but I have been doing a whole bunch of business manager tasks, and playing FFX. 

Now I’m off to clean my kitchen.  Eventually I’ll get those posts written.

But not today.